The best way to get involved is to donate, but helping us get word out about this campaign is just as important to Rainbow Youth’s success this year. Tweet about us, share a link or a photo on Facebook, or share our YouTube channel around. Shameless, we know. We’re on a mission to raise awareness and stacks of cash for Rainbow Youth, who desperately need the funds to keep doing some great work for queer + trans* youth.

But this isn’t just about us. This year WTFNZ is inviting you to take our statements and make them your own. Be empowered by them, use them to start discussions about topics you’re passionate about and just let everyone know that you’re taking a stand for equality and compassion with some foul-mouthed fun in the name of activism.

While the easiest thing in the world would be to simply change your Facebook cover photo to one of our explicit headlines (with a strategically placed sticker to keep it PG-rated), Facebook’s official policy is that we are not allowed to encourage you to download one of the conveniently sized images below to set it as your own cover photos.

It’s a simple right-click on the image you like, choosing Save As to save that image to your computer before heading to Facebook to update your cover photo, but we absolutely do not recommend that you do that. Because that could be construed as encouragement, and we are decidedly not doing that. At all.

Some WTF images
conveniently sized to fit
Facebook cover photos










Grab a sign
and add your photo
to our gallery

Head to our gallery section to see how to add your photo to our gallery. Pick a sign or write your own on our specially designed template – get in on the action and you could be featured in upcoming videos and multimedia campaigns.