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With a new year comes heaps of new changes, especially for Rainbow Youth's WTF campaign. As we get ready for some big things in 2013, we thought it time to upgrade our website to include some fancy new features.

This website is currently in Beta, which basically means that some unexpected things may happen for the next couple of weeks as we roll out those new features, including an amazing new homepage. So bear with us as we complete our website upgrade.

Before you proceed, we thought it prudent to let you know that there’s a lot of swearing on this website. It’s not gratuitous and despite what everyone claims, it’s not for dramatic effect.

We curse because we’re pissed off. Quite rightly so.

But scientists have discovered that swearing like a sailor also has a healing effect — giving us greater tolerance to pain and providing a healthier outlet to our frustrations than say, beating a teenager to a pulp because of his perceived, ahem, difference.

So we ask that you'll forgive our liberal use of expletives and look past them to see what we’re really trying to achieve with this campaign: giving homophobia and bigotry the finger in support of an organization does just that by helping Kiwi LGBT youth discover they aren't alone, unworthy or undeserving of love and compassion. If you hold these same ideals, we'd love for you to join our growing community coming together to collectively ask WTF, New Zealand?!


is WTF?!

The WTF campaign is for everybody who cares about equality and its especially for all you straight people out there! Whether you’re already an active supporter, want to show your support for the first time, or hadn’t given equality a lot of thought before now, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people all over New Zealand need you to stand up and help them make change.

And for all you gay, lesbian, takatapui, bisexual and transgender folks—we need and want your voice too! Because this campaign is for you. Not only can you help us to stand up and make a change to inequality in New Zealand, but you can help get the straight people in your life to stand up and say ‘What the fuck?!’, to discrimination.

WTF can mean whatever you want it to mean. It’s an expression of outrage, and a call to action. WTF is about standing up, not taking no for an answer and demanding change! WTF is a campaign that everyone can get behind – because WTF is about equality, and equality affects us all.

The campaign which calls for both support and donations, has over 30 prominent New Zealand celebrities attached to its first video release. Those involved include; Sir Ian McKellen, Rocky Horror Picture Show Creator – Richard O’Brien, Annie Crummer, Colin Mathura-Jeffree, Tamati Coffey, Alison Mau, Jo Cotton, Danielle Cormack, Green and Labour MP’s, core cast members of GoGirls, Spartacus, The Almighty Johnsons, Shortland Street, McLeods Daughters, Underbelly Razor and many more.

Rainbow Youth is one of New Zealand’s most prominent nationally-focused queer, trans, and rainbow organization. Our services reach people from as far south as Invercargill, to the very north parts of the country. Our programmes aim to empower our communities, enhance our well-being, and keep us connected. We work across organizations on issues such as domestic violence, alcohol and drugs, and bullying.

Our services have never been more heavily used. And yet… We’re unable to secure sustainable funding, we’re having to down-size staff, and we’re at the risk of not being able to carry on doing the work that we love to do, and need to do.